Studio Grayscale | Retail & Hospitality Interior Design


Studio Grayscale is an interior design company based in Melbourne, Victoria.  We specialise in retail and hospitality interior design.

We work with a wide variety of retail brands, from high end fashion through to national food brands and car accessory retailers.  We thrive on a wide mix of clients – adapting and developing designs to suit their needs and gaining an in depth understanding of their brand and target market.

We work with large national brands, from concept to implementing national roll-outs and refurbishments.  We value quality, ongoing relationships with our clients.

Our approach to design is one that is focuses on highlighting the brand, the product, or the offering.  It isn’t about pushing our ego as designers but working together with our clients to develop store designs that cohere with their marketing strategy.  

We understand that commercial interior design needs to be functional, therefore, we work hard to gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs, everything from the functional requirements of their sales counter, through to their kitchen or back of house operations.  

Our process always begins with thorough questioning so we can develop design concepts that are considered, and relevant.  We know from experience that when designing commercial interiors, we always need to be considerate of budgets, and timeframes.